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What to Do After You Get a Reading

Card Spread. Decks used: Tarot of Spirit and Sacred Rebel Oracle Cards

2016 has been pretty shitty. Global and personal turmoil abound and there are lots of endings making way for new beginnings. Overall discomfort and feelings of “what next?” may have you filled with anxiety, discomfort and confusion while simultaneously feeling that “now is the time to truly live my life.”

All of this uncertainty may have you reeling and seeking the advice of a sage, guru, shaman, spiritual teacher and/or healer. Someone who may have some otherworld insight into what’s going on with the world and your world. You may have heard your more spiritually inclined friends mention something about getting a reading and now you are interested in getting one, or perhaps you have already gotten one and you’re like “now what?”

Let’s say you had a reading six months ago. While the messages you received were promising, nothing has yet come to pass. You’re at a loss for how to incorporate your messages into your daily life. Your excitement about the possibilities is diminishing and your patience is wearing thin.  You’re asking yourself things like: “what happened”, “why is nothing happening”, or “why is nothing changing?”

You: Why? Why? Why?

Me: Your Free Will. That’s Why.

First- let’s define what a Spiritual Reading is. Readings provide insight, messages and wisdom on what may be blocking or thwarting your progress and what needs to happen in order for you to move forward in life. Messages come in the form of identification of particular blocks, direct guidance or action steps to take to remove blocks, clarity in times of confusion, direct words of healing and comfort from your ancestors or a foretelling (a prediction) of what may happen in the future if you stay on your present course of action.

Common types of readings (healing sessions) may include intuitive readings, psychic readings, tarot/oracle card readings, shamanic journeys, energy work or sometimes a combination of these and many more practices. Readings are not so much predictive, as they are meant to give you some crucial information on how to deal, heal and move forward with various aspects of your life. Readings are yet another tool to help you transform your life and to help your soul evolve.

For instance, when I read for people- it is a blend of intuitive, mediumship and oracle card methodologies, supported by professional coaching to better help my clients integrate spiritual messages and guidance. I focus specifically on the truth and the messages that Spirit wants me to deliver. Many of those messages come directly from a client’s guides who may also be their ancestors. Sometimes, a deceased love one will come through to share a word of confirmation, healing or warning so that a client can effectively grieve, heal and move on from a particular issue (the power of closure is real ya’ll.)

The Importance of Free Will. Free will comes into play because whether the messages are life affirming or a warning, at any point in time, you can and will make decisions and take actions that shift and change the course and outcome of your life. I’ve had readings where things that were predicted did not or have not yet come to pass. When I reflect on the “why”, it’s because my decisions and actions (or inactions) delayed or thwarted my good. For example, I’ve had a number of readers tell me that I have to focus on and publish my writing as it will shift and change the course of my life for the better. Instead of using the guidance that I have paid for, I fall into periods of extreme procrastination and then get frustrated when it feels like my life is stuck.  It’s like “duh Evelyn- just listen to and act on your messages.”

There have also been times when I have received warnings and because I did not listen, I forgot about it, or because I did not take right action, those unpleasant things I was warned about came to pass (of course I remembered the warnings after the fact. Word to the wise- if a reader gives you an explicit warning about a man/woman currently in or coming into your life, take heed. Ask me how I know.)

The key here is if you are spending money on readings, it’s important to know how to use the information and messages received for your highest and best good.  Here are some tips to get you started after the reading is complete:

  1. Understand very little is set in stone. Free will shifts and changes most everything. If you don’t believe that you deserve the good, your disbelief will block your blessings. If this is the case, this is an opportune time to do the work to remove the strands of doubt that keep you out of sync with your abundance. (See #4)
  1. Believe & Have Faith: Nothing thwarts progress like doubt.
  1. Be Willing to Change: But do your best to not resist what is.
  1. Be willing to take right action: Put the messages to good use. If you resonate with a potential outcome do what needs to be done to bring it to fruition. If you are given a warning, do what needs to be done to shift the outcome to something that is more life affirming. (Caveat- if an outcome is already in play or destined to be experienced, prepare yourself as best as you can & know that once you get through the storm, you WILL be able to make meaning out of your suffering at some later point in time.)
  1. Record your session: If you are able to, use your phone, tape recorder, app, or conference call line to record the session. This allows you to re-listen to the session, take copious notes and recall details that may be easily forgotten in the flow of life.
  1. If you are given a task, a job or a ritual: Complete the task, job or ritual. Good shit doesn’t just happen. Remember: Faith without Works is Dead.
  2. Timing: Our time is not Spirit’s time. Divine timing is everything. Let Go & Let _____ (insert the creator of your understanding here).
  1. Clarification: If you don’t understand something or an element of your reading, ask for clarification until you understand it. Also embrace that some messages are not meant for you to fully understand in the moment, but the message will make sense at the right time.
  1. Everyone is not your reader: Every reader/healer isn’t for everybody. You will resonate with different reader. Your reader will tell you the truth vs cosigning your bullshit, and they will not cause you harm. Some readers will be able to read you, see you, feel you and help you at deeper levels better than others. Trust that you will find your right reader/healer/messenger.
  1. You’re Reader/Healer May Be Wrong: Or they may have gotten their signals crossed. It happens, which is why it’s important that as you are getting your readings- you are tuning in to your own Spirit to see what resonates as true. Readers are not the boss of you or your spiritual journey. Trust that if something is wrong, you will feel it. If something is resonant, you will feel it. If something has not come to pass, trust your gut as to why that is and act accordingly.
  1. Do Your Own Work: No one on the face of this earth can do your work for you. If the guidance is accurate and you do not take right action, don’t blame your healer if things don’t come to pass. Get to work and watch things align themselves as they need too.

These are just a few things to consider as you walk along your healing journey.  If you need more insight or desire help and support along your journey, sign up for the Mystic Genius Way Newsletter and be notified of upcoming openings to schedule your own session.

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