Updated July 2020

Hi there!

Welcome to the Mystic Genius Archives! Mystic Genius was given to me as a concept in 2011. It was a way to organize and make tangible my spiritual journey and path towards healing and self remembrance. Mystic Genius evolved from a blog, to a healing practice serving individuals and organizations, to a podcast to where it is now- an archive of my healing work and healing words over the years.

Whatever iteration it took, Mystic Genius (loose translation- “spiritual mind”) existed to share messages, wisdom, guidance, tools and words of healing for those of us on the unconventional spiritual path. Writing was always the goal, but life happens, distractions happen and what once served no longer does.

Through a series of adventures in living abroad and life transitions, the the unavoidable message became clear: that it was time for Mystic Genius to rest. So, at the end of 2019 I closed down my healing/coaching practice and associated bits and pieces. At one point I thought to take down this website completely, but something said “keep the website up.”

So here we are! An archive of some of the energy that I’ve contributed to the world through the years. If you somehow land on this website, I hope that it serves you in some way. In terms of me, I’m embracing the call to write, create and continue the journey home to myself.

Here’s where you can find me & my writing:


EvelynBandohWrites @Medium

@evelynbandohwrites @Instagram

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Be Well!


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