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MOTD 9/6/16: Your Heart Is Not Wrong

NBP_MessageoftheDayFor the longest time, I knew things were shifting and ending in my life. I knew that I was being called to start over. Again. I would reach out to my Guides like OK- what’s next and would get radio silence. They are a chatty patty bunch, but when it came to my next, they were too damn quiet.

A few weeks of silence was no cause for alarm. After the 2nd month of their silence and my own Spiritual Inertia it was clear to me that I had journeyed deep into The Abyss, and I’ve been in The Abyss this Liminal Space ever since.

The Abyss is a strange place in that it can be your downfall or your saving grace if you use your time there wisely. For the first few months, I spent a lot of time resisting- yelling at Spirit and my Guides, demanding that they give me some answers. To tell me what I did wrong- so that I could fix it. To tell me what to do next, so that I could do it. At some point, I tuckered myself out and only had the energy to listen.  It was in the listening that I heard this:

“We are being quiet, because we need and want for your to learn how to hear and trust your heart again.”

I want to say in that moment, I got it and life continued on happily ever after but I did not.  I continued to fight and resist, ask WTF more times that I can count, chase, hope and pray until I got tired.  Again, (today in fact) the message came:

“We are being quiet, because we need and want for your to learn how to hear and trust your heart again.”

I asked them “what do you mean?”  I got:

“Your life disappointments have you questioning the judgement and yearnings of your heart. Process and grieve your disappointments because it’s time to move on. It’s time do your right work in the world.

Your heart is not your problem.  It is what your doubtful mind does with the whims of your heart that is the problem. When you stay centered in the quiet truth of your heart during each step of any process, you win. Take the garbage out and be done with it.

The only way out of this place to the next phase of your life is to trust the yearnings of your heart again. To stop making yourself wrong, to stop making your heart wrong, to stop living in your doubt and to step into Trust.  Remember this: If you cannot trust your heart, you cannot trust life and what good will that do you? Your heart can be early, or even a little late, but it is not wrong. Spirit lives in your heart. If you don’t trust your heart, are you really hearing divine guidance?  Are you really hearing Us? When you begin to trust your heart again, you will hear us chattering like we always do.

Also know that while the heart is powerful, it can never circumvent the free will of others. The key here is that as you learn to truly trust and hear your heart. Not half trust. Not surface trust. Deeply trust. And then listen. And then Act.

As you grow, heed your lessons and turn your experiences into wisdom, you will fall in line with perfect timing. This is what it is to live life as a purpose driven, heart centered person. This is what it means to answer your calling: trust your heart.”

So I leave this with you.  How can you deepen your trust and then honor the quiet yearnings of your heart today?

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