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Spiritual Inertia

This time last year, I was fretting over my life’s direction. At some point, I stilled my mind and heard Spirit clearly. Spirit told me that Spiritual Inertia was at play and to look up the word Inertia. I did so and came into some healing that I’m sharing with you today.

I remembered the basics of Inertia from high school physics class. Delving deeper into the word, its Latin root, and its source (Newton’s First Law of Motion/Law of Inertia), gave me a keener concept of what energy was playing out in my life at the time. First some definitions (source

Inertia comes from the Latin word, iners, meaning idle or sluggish. 

  • Noun: A tendency to do nothing or remain unchanged. The resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion.
  • Physics (Newton’s First Law -abridged): A property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless that state is changed by an external force.

Essentially, mass will stay in the same state or continue on it’s course of direction unless an external force causes a change in state or a shift in direction. Ice stays frozen until it’s introduced to heat. A plane will stay on course until another plane shows up along its flight path, causing one of the planes to divert. You and I will continue on whatever paths we’re journeying on until some external force causes a shift in state or direction.

Spiritual Inertia then, is when life starts talking to you (first softly then loudly), encouraging you to make a change in your state and/or your direction. You know life is talking by the constant roadblocks and dead ends. All the “no” answers and “no answers”.  The inability to get traction on that thing that you are trying to build. The relationship that never advances into something more. The way that life feels bad and things aren’t flowing with relative ease. The blocks, stops and starts are the external forces, Spirit’s way of making you change state or shift direction. I want to note here that Spiritual Inertia is not the same as distraction.  Distraction comes about when you ARE in flow with life, and outside things show up vying for your attention.  Spiritual Inertia happens when you ARE NOT in flow and it’s time for you to change direction.

Resistance plays a large part in Spiritual Inertia as well. Resistance happens when you choose stagnation over motion.This is why why being “stuck” feels so bad. That external force is trying to knock you onto a more life affirming path and/or encourage you to do the one thing you are procrastinating on. Instead, you use every bit of your strength, willpower and determination to keep walking a dead-end road. When you resist change you are working against yourself. You are not flowing with life.

When Spiritual Inertia shows up in your life, the key is to surrender the things that no longer serve you AND THEN take action on the right-tasks you are procrastinating on. How do you determine the shift? by (1) Being honest about what’s not working (look at the patterns that continuously show up in your life) and (2) Taking action on the inspired idea that scares the shit out of you. That one thing you are resisting may be the key to unlocking your ability to flow with life.

For me?  The one thing is writing + publishing two specific books. One fiction and one non-fiction.  They are my foundation and I have an assured expectation that once I complete them, life will flow seamlessly.

So here’s two questions for you:

  1. If you are currently feeling stuck, ask yourself  “am I stuck, or am I resisting change?”
  2. What’s that one thing you are resisting or procrastinating doing, that if you did it, things in your life would be the way you wanted them to be?