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PODCAST| Episode 4: Turning Disappointment into Destiny

You may have noticed that the podcast has been renamed from the Lightning Rod Podcast to  The Mystic Genius (Healing) Podcast. In addition to the new name, I’m updating the format to include interviews with other people on their healing journeys.  Storytelling and personal narratives are some of the best ways to learn and grow and I’m excited to share people’s healing stories with you.  I’ll provide the backstory in an upcoming episode so stay tuned.

While I work on this reboot, please enjoy episode 4 of the podcast, which is the audio track of the Mystic Genius Healing Broadcast I held on November 30th of this year.  In this episode, I talk about how to turn your disappointment into destiny.  I shared a lot of gems and guided a great meditation at the end.  Tune in by clicking the link below.


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