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Healing Isn’t Wrong

There is a lot of shame when it comes to the subject of spiritual healing. It’s the same shame that keeps you from  seeking therapy or going to the doctor when something is off. Please know this: Seeking healing of any type doesn’t mean that YOU are broken. Just because there is a disturbance in the matrix that needs to be addressed, doesn’t mean that there is something fundamentally wrong with YOU as a person and that you are a flawed wretch never to be fixed. This shame is a result of lies perpetrated by systems and people designed to keep you away from your power and brilliance and your coin.
Asking or seeking help does not make you weak. It signals to Spirit that you are serious about your life and being in alignment with your Destiny. That you are vulnerable enough to know that you are not walking in line with what the Creator said is yours and you’re ready to change that. Not everyone will take or get the chance to heal, so when it shows up for you, devote yourself to the work and know that you are blessed.
Also: Ignoring shit does not make what ails you go away. Spirit is efficient like that. Until you deal- you won’t heal. The same painful patterns will keep showing up until you can no longer ignore them.
If you feel shame when you think of your desire for healing understand this: You can’t think about it in terms of right and wrong. Instead, think about it in terms of forward movement or staying stuck.


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