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MOTD: Healing Doesn’t Come To Those Who Run

What truth are you running from? What deep inner truths need witnessing so that you can finally move the fuck on from the same pattern and pains that keep showing up in your life?

The way the these planets are showing out has us all exposed like newborn babies. The planetary shifts are saying “look at yourself love, look at where you are holding yourself back. Gaze at your breakthrough turmoil BUT don’t make yourself wrong for feeling bad, sad or not enough by what you see. See what’s going on and resolve to shift your narrative and fully live your real story. Stop lying to yourself about what really lies beneath and give yourself a shot at living out your glory”

I don’t know about you, but I’m going through it. As of late, I’ve taken and am still taking the time to sit down and look at and (as one of my wise sage friends advised me today) be with the tender stories of my soul. To be with the breakthrough turmoil (much like breakthrough pain- not there until it is) that tells me because of who I am, my complexion, my “non ideal” weight and body, my scars, etc that I’ll never be enough. That I’ll never be seen & that no one will ever listen to me because I don’t present as the ideal. That I might not experience true romantic “love”, etc. Dramatic right?

From the human level macro experience this shit is real. Humans are a messy mess. I wasn’t born with this turmoil. My life experiences bestowed upon me this conditioning of “less than”. As I’ve done a shit ton of mindset healing to release those thoughts and embrace my truth, to hear Spirit tell me a week ago that I need to be with this old story some more was annoying. However, when I stopped running and really let myself BE… really let myself FEEL, I realized that because I let external factors cloud my Spirit, my heart and my vibration were still catching up with my mind.

To be (em)powered is to stand in your divine power in mind, heart AND vibration/energy. Mental Resolve is not enough. When healing, you have to integrate your heart with your mind and then your energy/vibration will rise to the level of abundance (where our fulfillment lives) naturally.

To not be aligned in mind, heart and vibration/energy is what breeds insecurity which is a guidepost for growth. But because we humans are mean, we criminalize insecurity as if it’s a bad thing. We pretend that we are secure and #unbothered when that’s not really the case. And let’s keep it real- who the fuck wouldn’t experience insecurity in a macro system that is designed to rob us of our divine power?

I share this with you to reiterate that you only come to these conclusions about yourself and what YOU need to heal when YOU don’t RUN from what ails you. When you take the time to be still, listen, look at and be in the most tender parts of your story.

I have no shame in sharing my walk because this is what it means to do the work. This is what is meant by #healerhealthyself. Teachers demonstrate and as a healing teacher and guide, I’d be lying if I said I have it 100% together all the time. I’m not talking from a book here. Doing my own work is what makes me effective in creating healing space for others, because I can only see you if I see myself.

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