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Healing With The Solar Eclipse

This day in history (August 21st, 2017):
1831: Nat Turner Slave Rebellion
1858: Lincoln- Douglass Debates begin
1927: 4th Pan African Congress meets in NYC
1955: One week before Emmett Till is murdered in (Money), Mississippi…
1961: Jomo Kenyatta free. Kenya Achieves it’s independence from British rule 2 years later

(source: history.com and onthisday.com)
Over a 700+ year history, there have been a number of coups, wars, battles, feuds, misunderstandings, downfalls, liberations, joining of union, and reconciliation. Heed this: An uprising is coming. An insurgency is coming. Don’t be blinded by the flash bang. Be good to yourself and don’t lie to yourself.

I am not an astrologer, but I am a strong channel of Spirit. One of my gifts is the ability to share divine messages of wisdom and healing. Here is a message that has been slowly coming through about why you (and I and each of us) must use the energy of this solar eclipse for healing, if we want to be free.

The Channeled Message.
This Monday a major gateway is opening and you will see that you are free.
The bigger question is, will you have the courage to walk away from what you are no longer attached to?
Will you have the courage to walk away from what no longer serves you?
Will you have the courage to walk away from what no longer nourishes you?
Will you have the courage to walk through the gate of the wild unknown mystery that is now wide open?
Will you have the courage to live your life true?

Or will you keep yourself attached to the stinking rotting flesh of the past and all the ways that it shows up? Will you stay stuck in the past, continuing to damn your present, thus wounding your future?

Or will you see that you are free?

The spilled blood of the Ancestors is running through your veins. They suffered so you no longer have to. Raise up your machete and cut your non existing chains. You are fucking free so liberate yourself and become a sovereign being. Only in your sovereign state can you see your destiny that you so desperately chase.

The old ways will no longer work, so let them go. To not do so will be a huge lesson in “We Told You So.”

If you are earning your money in a way that is not in integrity with your true soul’s journey- it will be lost. Do not be surprised and do not cry to us for help.

If you are exchanging energy with those who keep you in emotional bondage- it will come to an end. Do not cry to us for help.

If you are a seeker of truth, you already know what is. If you choose to remain ignorant, you will find yourself deep in the school of life. Do not cry to us about your pain.

If you are being stubborn, we will stop you and thwart you so that you have no choice but to listen.

If you asking us for clarity, know that the life you now live will be destroyed because how you are living is what causes your confusion and your pain.

Heed the call or perish. You must pick a side. If you make a choice that betrays your soul you will reap the consequences. Do not cry out to us in pain, because we are no longer playing games.


But in your devotion and in your commitment to your own healing, we will be there to soften the pricks of the trail. By submitting to your own Soul’s stirrings, you will feel OUR support and you will be safe. You will feel love that you’ve never known, but has always been there. WE exist behind the veil of your own blocking. Move the curtain to the window of your soul and most all will be revealed.

To use the eclipse energy for healing, on Monday spend at least 1 hour in meditation and affirmative prayer so that you can cast your eyes downward into your own soul. Wear all white and have your journal and an item of beauty at your feet. Drop into silence. Once there, ask US to reveal to you the chains that have already been broken so that YOU can set your own self FREE.**

Oracle Card Support.
I did a unique three card pull to get an even deeper understanding of the energy surrounding the solar eclipse tomorrow. Here are the meanings that I have assigned to each card in this pull:
Card #1 The Goddess Card represents the divine feminine energy that will be guiding us all during Eclipse Season
Card #2 Soul Messenger Card represents the unique message to your soul
Card #3 Universal Messenger Card represents the message for the collective consciousness; A global message of healing if you will.

These are the cards that showed themselves in the reading:

Card 1: Hathor (Goddess Guidance Oracle Card) Hathor is an Egyptian Sun Goddess who speaks to receiving, nurturing, birthing, harnessing psychic and intuitive abilities. She encourages us to be better receivers. Her key message during this eclipse season is to “Be Still & Listen and open your heart to receiving whatever it is that you need to grow and move forward.”

Card 2: Shock of the New (Sacred Rebel Oracle Card) Shock of the New speaks to the need to release what no longer serves you and to let yourself fall into the unknown of the new. To stop using your present day mindset to plan and plot because the present way of doing things and the tools you use to to do things no longer work. You’re destiny is not in the past. The key soul message during this eclipse season is to “Solidify your liberation from the stale by surrendering the past. Embrace the “new” which is not new, but the scary opportunity that is right in front of you that you have ignored for a long time.”

Card 3: The Fool- 0 (Tarot of the Spirit) The Fool is a Major Arcana card and represents 0 starting over fresh and being OK with instability. It’s about being optimistic and open, about embracing a “Beginner’s Mind” so that you can enjoy the beauty of life again. This card signifies that a cycle has been completed and you have been reborn. When it comes to the path of awakening, 0 often signifies the beginning of a new journey. They key universal message during this eclipse season is “Embrace movement, embrace change and trust that what falls is making space for new creation. Have faith that no matter what things are moving forward, even if they seem to be moving backwards.”

Together, the cards weave a story of surrendering the past to ancestral forces and completing the work of reckoning, reconciliation, justice and healing. This season is a prime time to individually and collectively move forward so that we can create anew in love and equality for all. It’s a damn messy process, but there is no choice but to get it done. The cards also tell us that to start over as a collective, we must “start over” individually. We must press CTRL+ALT+DEL on the conditioning that keeps us bound and in doing that, we will see that we really are free. Once we stand in our freedom, we can then liberate ourselves from the destructive system that is keeping way too many of us stuck.

May this message bring you resonance in this eclipse season.

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