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Reflection: Release the Spirit of Debt

ReleaseSpiritofDebtReflection: Friday, March 20th* will be a powerful time to ask for spiritual assistance and guidance as we will experience a Total Solar Eclipse, the new moon in Pisces and an Equinox. As I am not an astrologer, you can read more about the astral insights of this special time here.

What I am guided to share today is this: Take the time this Saturday to do some serious spring cleaning of your heart, mind, soul and physical place of residence. Figure out what needs to be released so that newness and greatness can be welcomed into your life.


As for myself- I have been doing less asking and more listening so that my next steps can be revealed to me. The two major things keep coming up for me as of late are: (1) a reminder to consistently ask for spiritual help and guidance on what needs to be released and what needs to be re-affirmed and (2) for me to ask to be released from the Spirit of Debt and to firmly welcome in the Spirit of Abundance so that prosperity can flow with greater ease. Upon further clarification- my guides let me know that the key to my abundance has little to do with my good money management habits, good business ideas, or pleas to them for more money. It has everything to do with releasing my learned attachment to debt, increasing the energy of deservingness in my life, and asking for and welcoming in divine help when it appears.

Back Story- I have always been pretty good at making money, great at managing money, but when I review my money life- I see how easy it has been for me to fall into debt under the guise of investing in myself or in my business. I am masterful at getting myself completely out of consumer debt (having done it at least 3 times now), but it is challenging for me to stay out of debt once I get out of it. Sure- there is a good reason for the debt but as I look at the bigger picture that is my life, I am realizing that I no longer wish to make room for what does not serve me and in my life and debt does not serve me.

And then there are my student loans (#demloans). I have been trying to tame and rid myself of these student loans for years and have made very little progress. I have gotten too comfortable with having them in my life. When I am unable- I take a government sanctioned break from paying them…and then the balance grows to my detriment. By the time I start the payment process again, I am ready to give up because the balance seems so insurmountable.

So on Saturday instead of doing what I was going to do, I am going to instead take advantage of this manifesting energy by  (1) cleaning & clearing my house (and preparing to move); (2) sitting by a fire to release the spirit of things that no longer serve me and receive the spirit of things that greatly bless me; and (3) committing to act on the guidance from the Creator and my highest self.

Tell me, what are you looking forward to releasing and welcoming in during this new season?

*Correction- I originally had Saturday, March 21st as the date, but the Solar Eclipse and Equinox are on Friday March 20th.  I have updated the post accordingly.  I’ll still be doing my work on Saturday, 3/21 because the energy will still be strong.