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Message of the Day 1/19/16: On “Negative” Emotions

Message of the Day 1/19/16:NBP_MessageoftheDay

We spend a lot of time trying to get rid of, not feel and stop feeling the perceived negative emotions that we say keep us stuck where we are and are keeping us from achieving the great things we are meant to achieve in life.

How many times have we have been told to to banish fear, doubt and despair so that we could feel happy again? Be productive again? How many times have we fought & worked extra hard against those “negative” emotions, only to look up and find ourselves in a space that’s worse off than where we were?

Truth is-these so called negative emotions are a part of life. As everything is energy they can neither be created nor destroyed. To the extent that we push, pull and fight them to death, is the extent that we are doing the same to life itself & it’s tiring.

Self Doubt has a purpose. (How bad do you really want what you want?)
Fear has a purpose. (Have I given reasonable thought to my Actions?)
Despair has a purpose. (Why do I keep getting stuck in the same place? What is this pattern of mine that’s keeping me stuck?)

Just like our feel good emotions are messengers so too are our painful ones. These lower energy emotions are a gateway into our shadow selves where much of our personal and spiritual growth takes place. It’s here that we actually find the tools to transmute these lower energies into something helpful. It is here that we find the courage to rise above so that we have the energy and the resilience to manifest our purpose in life.

The next time that these lower energies show up- consider inviting them to the table. Pour a cup of tea and ask them what messages they would like to share with you. Listen intently. Take notes. Be open and receive the messages. The key- as with any guest-is for us not to let the them outstay their welcome.