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Lightning Rod Podcast Episode #3| You Are Living Your Dream

In this episode of the Lightning Rod Podcast, a share a message from Spirit to Me in a moment of frustration.  A reminder for me and perhaps, a reminder for you.

Transcript: You are living your dream. It’s just that the work of the dream isn’t sexy.

Here’s what we, your guides need to you to know so that you can stop calling yourself a failure and speaking damning words saying that you’re not important or that you don’t matter.

You are living your dream.

It may not be grand. You may not be rich. You may not be making a lot of money (yet) or well known. You may not have a broad reach. You may not be popular. You many not feel relevant. You many not feel like you matter or what you contribute to the world matters, but every time you do your right work, every time you produce something, every time you bring your heart’s song into form- you are living your dream.

You will not always feel like you’re at the top of the mountain. In fact, you will cry many times to get off the mountain and run screaming from that bitch. But anytime you take a step towards the calling of your life, you are living your dream.

The key is – will you keep on living your dream if no one is watching you or congratulating you? Will you let the dream live even when it doesn’t make your bank account flush with cash?

Is your dream still your dream when the material benefits remain hidden from your temporal experience?

Know this: “The Dream” is a test of your commitment and faith to being who you really are.

The minute you are able to release your dreams from the responsibility of fulfilling you and making yourself whole, is the minute that your dream starts to click in the material world. It’s when your dream starts to flourish.

That is why healing is crucial and gratitude is real.

For if you have even one person who responds and interacts with what you put out into the world, you have just experienced a benefit of living your dream. Feel good about that.  By speaking and living your truth and bringing your heart’s desire to form, you experience more joy in that one person’s response than you would if you didn’t do anything at all.

Understand that even if you are currently not realizing the successful, glamorous and financial results of your efforts, as long as you are working in heart truth, you are living your dream.

Dreams have been romanticized. The truth is that dreams are hard work and filled with sacrifice, insecurity and moments of insanity.  That’s why it’s a dream.

Then one day when you let go of the judgement and of the expectations of how the dream should look and feel based on external influences, you can be at peace about what your dream really is and then dream BIGGER.

When the journey has you down, remind yourself that you are living your dream. That you have had the pleasure of living several dreams and that perhaps YOU have not allowed yourself to enjoy them because YOU were caught up in the material success or failure of your work.  You used measuring sticks that were not in alignment with your values or with how your heart measured success in the moment.

The success in living your dream is to live it. To do the things that you are called to do. To be yourself and to do your right work in the world. To create, to travel, to connect and to be a conduit for healing.

So Remember. You Are Living Your Dream.


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