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MOTD 9/13/14: Your Life’s Curriculum

LifeCurriclum I ask a question & I get an answer.  Here is the Message of the Day from my guides.


Follow Your Own Life’s Curriculum.  You are all here to follow a path- a life curriculum of sorts that allows you to experience your humanness in the ways that are aligned to the callings and whispers of your heart.    Following your our own life’s curriculum is the only thing that guarantees that you will feel purposeful, connected and feel gratitude for each and every one of life’s bumps and bruises along the path.  Faithfully following your life’s curriculum allows you to access the temple of infinite abundance and joy in a tangible form that is directly meant for you and only you.

You can tap into your life’s curriculum by listening to your heart and by making choices that amplify who you really are and what you really want to experience. As you navigate your own life’s curriculum, you achieve a level of mastery over your life that yields the very things that every human spirit wants more of: love, peace and prosperity.

The challenge with following one’s life curriculum is that many of you step off of your path and start to follow the life curriculum of others because to you it looks shiner, prettier, better or more fun than what your curriculum looks like in that moment.  You look at their path, like their results and want that for your own.  You think that by following another’s path you will graduate life faster and replicate their results and this is false. No one can ever do something the same way twice. There is always some variation.  The only thing you will do is spend a lot of energy being in conflict- convincing yourself that this is what your supposed to be doing, when deep down you know that you are off course.

The danger in this is if you spend too much time hanging out in someone else’s classroom, you fall behind on your own life’s work.  Stepping off the path of your curriculum is a sign that you are making choices with your material mind and not with your loyal heart. This is a recipe for unnecessary challenges and stagnation, but as the universe is a self correcting one, you will find yourself back in your classroom whether you get their of your own efforts are escorted back there by the Divine.

If you are navigating your own life’s curriculum, rejoice because success is happening to and for you now.  If today you find yourself feeling off course, first ask yourself “who and what am I really living for?”  Next ask yourself “how can I get back to living and learning for myself?”

Have the confidence and courage to start making the necessary changes so that you can stay or get back on the path to your greatness.