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MOTD: Where you spend your money

NBP_MessageoftheDayA lot of us are entrepreneurs, practitioners, or creators of some type. We are trying to build something, get ahead in life and help others along the way.

We spend money with different life & business coaches, healers, health and wellness practitioners, consultants, strategist and experts in the name of investment in our personal, work, and business well being.

A question to ask yourself: Does this person/expert care about my life? Do they care about my life as a Black or Brown person? A White person? As a person who identifies as LGBTQ? A woman? A man? A human? A spirit being?

Better question still: Do they give a rat’s ass about my humanity?

Would they speak up about wrong doing in times of strife?

Listen- if you’re paying someone to help you, and they are not capable of seeing all of you, you are wasting your money and your time.

You can only be helped or healed to the extent of that person’s ability to really see you- if they can see you at all. If they can even see themselves for that matter.

A good place to start is to look at the content of the e-newsletters you are subscribed to. What is the person/business actually saying? Will it help or hurt you in the long run? Are you a person or profit center? That’s for you to figure out.

Bottom line: Let your dollars work. Look to who and where your dollars are going and adjust things as needed. Support the people who can see you.

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