I enjoyed working with Evelyn during a tele-conference coaching session regarding attracting and building financial abundance. Evelyn’s coaching style was intuitive, cooperative and gentle. I learned so much about my personal phobias through our session and highly recommend her. –Khadija Ali-Coleman,

Evelyn guided me through an intuitive financial management process that helped me get to the root causes of my challenges with finances. Having never worked with a financial planner, her approach was gentle and rooted in her expertise. Evelyn facilitated an amazing Mystic Genius- EarthBound Goddess Mastermind group. A keen listener, she acknowledged the challenges of all the women in the group. it was clear that she had perfected the EarthBound Goddess model. We left recharged, excited and equipped with action steps to turn our challenges into opportunities.  – Jess Solomon,

I attended Evelyn’s business planning class in 2010.  There, I was extremely impressed with how passionate and knowledgeable she is about business. There were roughly 15-20 women in this classroom with an array of backgrounds and skill levels, Evelyn was always patient and made each answer personal.  Years later, I attended a workshop Evelyn led for the Greater Washington Fashion Chamber of Commerce.  And again, she trained us in acumen and the necessary nomenclature to be smart and successful in any business arena.  Evelyn also has been generous enough to meet with me one-on-one on a couple occasions to give her intimate perspectives.  She has been a real pillar in the success of my business.  I truly appreciate her commitment see through the success of others.  – Anika Hobbs, Nubian Hueman Boutique

Evelyn Bandoh helped me re-focus on my business, and showed me how to clear through all of the ‘noise’. I’ve always gotten the best advice from her, and will continue to recommended her to others. –Soyini George, YiniBini Baby

Evelyn Bandoh of Mystic Genius is an incredible listener and life coach. She is patient, thoughtful, and provides sound feedback. Evelyn provided me with counseling during a period of transition for my business and I am eternally grateful. Her words of wisdom still ring true to me today. -Elaine Mensah, Svelte, LLC

Working with Evelyn was an eye opening experience!  Her in-depth knowledge and guidance made it easy to grasp the concepts she shared. I’m looking forward to working with Evelyn again in the future! Kitiya King- Mischo Beauty

I’ve known that Evelyn possessed keen business insight, so when she started her personal development work I was right on board. Evelyn’s questions got right to the meat of some of my life challenges and she provided tools to think about them differently. Would certainly work with her again! -Shonda G

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