Praise & Good Cheer

Here are just a few words of praise from clients I have worked with on an individual basis (some names are withheld to protect confidentiality):

“I’ve known that Evelyn possessed keen business insight, so when she started her personal development work I was right on board. Evelyn’s questions got right to the meat of some of my life challenges and she provided tools to think about them differently. Would certainly work with her again! -Shonda G, University Professor, North Carolina
“Evelyn Bandoh of Mystic Genius is an incredible listener and life coach. She is patient, thoughtful, and provides sound feedback. Evelyn provided me with counseling during a period of transition for my business and I am eternally grateful. Her words of wisdom still ring true to me today”. -Elaine Mensah, Elaine Mensah, Inc, DC Metro Area
“I met Evelyn at a turbulent time in my life. I was living in Thailand, and working a job that was destroying my spirit. From the moment I sat down with her, I felt like I was with someone I could immediately trust. Her reading was completely spot on – it was as if she had a window into what had happened into my past and what I needed to work on at that moment.” – Jade Branion, Creative Producer, Los Angeles, California
“I met Evelyn during a time of personal transition and was in need of intense healing. I could feel her light radiating whenever I was around her and witnessed her gift at work one night in the middle of Thailand. I had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend you start the conversation.”- Ciara Bird, Creative Director, North Carolina
“I didn’t want my mini session with Evelyn to end. She gave me some great info about where I am and where I need to focus moving forward. It was helpful watching her speak to my spirit guides. I’ve been told that I have a lot and she was definitely getting lots of energy from them. I highly recommend her for intuitive coaching and as a psychic-spirit medium.”- Hadiya W, Art Director, DC Metro Area
“When I was going through a difficult time in my business in life, I had a session with Evelyn. Her sessions are life changing! I’ve been in such a solid place ever since that reading in my life and biz thanks to Evelyn Bandoh’s intuitive coaching.”  –Bonnielee Cuevas, Spiritual Healer, Tennessee
“Evelyn, I so appreciate your beautiful gifting sis. Our time together provided a lot of confirmation, a lot of clarity around what has been happening for me energetically (with self and family), and I am very clear on next steps with my business. Gratitude for your time and energy. Many blessings and much abundance to you sis.” –Karen Culpepper, KLCC Collective, DC Metro Area
“I could not recommend Evelyn’s Spiritual Personal Coaching more strongly, for anyone. She was both incredibly kind and incredibly direct at the same time. On our first session, she spoke to my key underlying issues as if I had been sharing my deepest thoughts and feelings with her for years. Her clear messages resonated with my own intuition, but hearing it from her helped me believe it with a conviction I’ve never had. I was moved to tears throughout the session, and I have felt like a new person since. The challenges did not disappear, but my anxiety did which immediately made everything much better. I honestly trust now that I can handle the challenges and that they are guiding me to a greater good.
I am recommending Evelyn’s service to everyone I love who is looking for some guidance and encouragement. She has a tremendous gift and I trusted right away that she was using it for my highest good.” -Kim L. 12/20/17
“What a wonderful opportunity! Evelyn’s mystical gifts and insights make for a powerful session. I felt very seen and held during our time together. It’s just what I needed to start the new year off in the right direction. I highly recommend Evelyn to anyone who is looking for guidance.” –  Christi Baker, Chrysalis Consulting, San Francisco, California
‘I never write reviews but some experiences deserve to be shared. I met Evelyn at a retreat in Chiang Mai and witnessed her give advice from across dimensions. Basically a year later (talk about full circle), she came to my home to give my partner and I a personal reading. I honestly wasn’t sure what I expected so I was just open. Evelyn has a calming, self-assured energy about her that puts you immediately at ease. She opened with thanks giving and meditation and asked us questions about where we were in our lives, what we wanted, what problems we were having, etc… Next she basically prophesies over our lives. It’s hard to put into words the feelings that come up when Evelyn is channeling but the word that comes up the most for me is RESONANCE. Everything she told me, from what I needed to focus on financially to how my ancestry plays a part in my life now and in my future rang bells in my soul. I know that people can be skeptical about channeling and mediums but I felt more grounded after our session than I had felt in months and was able to make better decisions than I would have had I not talked with Evelyn. There were times during the session when I literally felt like my family member was talking directly through Evelyn. It was an amazing and surreal but completely necessary experience.” -Michelle S, Chiang Mai, Thailand
“I’ve been blessed with many incredible spiritual teachers and guides throughout my life journey, and yet my reading with Evelyn was the most detailed, direct, layered, and profound. I felt both compassionately held and passionately called to stand firmer in my power in very specific ways. I left the reading with a renewed commitment to ground myself in ways this new way of being requires. I highly recommend a reading from Evelyn for anyone who is embarking upon a major transition.” – Shayna H, DC Metro Area


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