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MOTD: July 12, 2016

NBP_MessageoftheDayIn the coming times, as we get closer to the election, the stakes are going to be high. The energy is going to be wiry. The planets are going to act a damn fool. Emotions are going to run high. Everyone- unless you are a part of the walking dead is- going to be on edge. Shit is going to get real because people are tired. Spirit and her guides and your ancestors are tired.

We should be- if we are already not- mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically ready for what’s about to go down. We have to be ready to fight for our collective lives. The decisions and actions we make in the next 6 months will make or break what we experience in 2017- a new beginnings year.

2016 is a global 9 year. 9 is the number of endings. A lot of souls will be leaving this plane. Some taken, some as a sacrifice for a greater good. A lot of stuff in your life will come to an end. Your money will get funny. Your relationships will go left. If it doesn’t serve you- let it go. This goes for people, places, things and mindsets. Make way for the new that is coming. How this new looks peaceful or painful is up to us.

Spirit is not fucking with us anymore. It’s literally evolve or die.

I’m not being dramatic- I’m typing what I’m being told. If it scares you good. Do something with it.

How to maintain your energy:

(0) Tell the truth about yourself to yourself. Living a lie or in denial about things is draining.

(1) Move. Exercise. Whatever floats your boat.

(2) Move into your right work. We need us to get to where we are called to be so that we can get to where we are called to go.

(3). Self care/preservation- lots of resources are exist about this. Pick a practice and stick to it.

(4) Be the light. Share a kind word. Lift a helping hand every day. Speak up. Ask the hard questions. Daily.

(5) Embrace loss and discomfort in some form. It will feel like you are burning in hell. Keep walking.

(6). Move Forward Now. Clean it up, finish it up, light it up. Whatever that looks like for you.

(7) Be Still and Listen.

(8) Find your support. Name them and bless them. God bless all the people who have helped me, past, present and in the coming future.  You cannot do this living thing on your own.

This list of work is what helps me deal. For the past year I have been going through this process- this purge- this cleanse. Kicking and screaming and wailing (& drainking). I didn’t know what it was until recent. It’s brutal but necessary. Hopefully your transition is smoother as you know have an idea of what might be going on.  If you want even more insight, listen to Episode 1 of the Lightning Rod Podcast.

Go forth and let’s prosper.

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