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MOTD: 7/7/16 Tell the Truth About Yourself to Yourself.

TruthAboutSelfSomething to consider: When we are feeling stuck in some, many of all aspects of life, it’s time to examine how we might be getting in our own way.

I find when I feel my most stuck in life, there is some part of me that is not as open as I need to be to move forward. I have control and perfectionist tendencies and I can sacrifice progress in the name of “perfect”.

Realizing truth about ourselves can be painful because who wants to admit that they are a part of the problem? The key here is to embrace that if you are willing to look at yourself with gentle eyes and compassion, you may find your way out of “unstuck”.

A good way to start telling the truth about yourself to yourself today is to ask yourself these two questions:
(1) Who do I need to be in order to answer my calling?

(2) Who do I need to become in order to go where I am called to go?

I use these two questions in my transformation work on myself and others and the insight is priceless. Try this exercise and see what you come up with for yourself.