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What would it be like if everyone on your team performed their tasks with joy and ease, were proactive in their approach and up-leveled their communication and productivity skills?

What would it be like if, as a leader, you could help create rapid shifts in awareness and perspective that would allow you and your team to experience greater productivity?

Using accessible tools such as mindfulness and self awareness, I help team(s) lay the groundwork for change and create the necessary breakthroughs that lead to radical transformation of any workplace. Using these same tools, I help each team that I work with raise awareness, shift perspective and elevate consciousness about what’s possible in the workplace so that they do their jobs better.

To date, I have had the privilege to work with several national nonprofits, an international leadership development network and government agencies. I am currently accepting new government, nonprofit and for profit clients who are ready to experience the power of mindfulness and self awareness in the workplace.  Download the  MG Capability Statement for more details.

Sample of Opportunities for Progressive Organizations

Organization Energy Leadership Index Assessment:  Includes ELI overview session, individual ELI assessments, debriefs, and individual and total team action planning. Private coaching sessions may be added for an additional fee.

Coaching Skills for Passion, Purpose and Productivity is a training and development class that teaches your team how to use a set of powerful coaching skills so that they can enhance their productivity. As a result of learning and using these skills, team members become aware of how they show up, are able to make proactive choices, own their results, communicate effectively and contribute energy to a more productive workplace.

How to Stop Going Crazy at Work: is a training and development class that shares the 6 Personal Power Principles that will teach participants: how to be truly powerful, productive AND peaceful at work;  how to deal with difficult people without getting stressed, mad and frustrated; and the core skills necessary to dealing with the most challenging people and situations in the workplace.

Workforce Development Talks

For more information, please contact Evelyn – 202.709.3233 or evelyn AT mysticgenius DOT com

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