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VIDEO| Mystic Genius Moment: Now What? Moving Forward When Things Fall Apart

Mystic Genius Moment: Truth be told, I don’t know where this post is going.  I initially was going to vent about the election and provide some tips for self-care and preservation. However, it’s three weeks post-election and I’m over it.  I’m tired of being mad about it. I have accepted what is and I have come to some peace in my heart. Being in prayer and communication with Spirit has also given me some clarity on what it’s going to take to move forward as individuals and as a collective.

Long story short, we need to acknowledge that shit is falling apart. Then we must grieve the changes that have come and are soon to come and then we need to get ourselves in order so we can do our individual and collective work to transform the world on purpose.

We as a global citizenry are in a major period of evolution. The bones in the closet are coming out to greet the sunlight. One day these bones will turn to dust and transform into something useful. This is more than history repeating itself…this is history being made. It’s a reckoning and an awakening. Spirit did not choose the outcome of the US Presidential Election but it will be used as a tool in the box for shifting our consciousness.

I keep saying this and it bears repeating: 2016 is year of endings, disruptions and dismantalings. Anything that does not serve you will be removed from your life if you do not willingly let it go. Transformation and movement to our next level of life requires us to Let Go & Grow Up. Do not ignore the signs, do not pass go. Stop! Drop the unnecessary baggage and keep on walking towards the light.

This is the year to identify all that ails you and to do the work to deal with it and heal it. You (me/we) can no longer afford to run from the shadows. It’s time to slow down, turn around and look your shadow in the face and ask “what are you trying to tell me?”  “What are you trying to save me from?” I implore you- DO NOT bring old, tattered baggage and RAGS (random ass guilt and shame) © into your new beginnings and into the year 2017. Life won’t work!

Deal with your shit. Feel Your Emotions. Heal Your Emotions.  Clear your mind, release the baggage and cancel the debts.  You cannot take anything that is not your true essence to the other side where peace, prosperity and abundance reign supreme. Let today be the day you put it down. Put. It. Down.

In a recent meditation, Spirit was clear with me:

“Stop wasting time and energy blaming everyone else for everything that is going on and release the need to project your pain on to others. It’s ok to be scared but don’t stay scared.  Be resolved and resolute in doing your part to make things better. Be of service to the world that you so desperately want to live in. Put on your armor.  Prepare yourself for the sacrifice required of spiritual battle.

Dysfunction cannot reside in a land filled with joyful people. Instead of working tirelessly to “make a way”, reclaim your energy, embrace your indwelt joy and CREATE from the depths of your soul because that is how you experience your divine power. To create is to answer you calling. To create is to manifest into form the gift that you were placed on this earth to give.  Transformation happens and the world will flourish when groups of empowered (inner powered) people be, live and create from their divine power.”

No longer can any of us sit back and wait for others to create the world that we are destined to live in. That is our unique and collective responsibility. There will be no institution or organization that saves us. We are all imbued with Divine Power and we must learn to use this power for both our personal and the collective good.  The walk is hard, but we can no longer afford to NOT to try.  November 8th, 2016 showed us this loud and clear.

Transformation is never easy. Fight wisely. Love thoroughly.  Get to work.


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