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Video| To Forgive, Cancel The Debts

About a week ago, I posted this image along with a birthday reflection on Mystic Genius Instagram page talking about forgiveness and I thought it would be great to share it on the blog as well. Here is a bit of what I shared:

It’s my birthday so I’m extra reflective this morning. This is a picture of a rock that I chose/received @blackpackers_intl retreat. When I opened my eyes and looked at the rock, I was first annoyed (because I’ve done a lot of forgiveness work) & then curious as to what the message was. I have long struggled with the act of forgiveness. I understand the concept & the meaning but sometimes struggle with the tangible application of “how.” In my mind & spirit I let shit go but frequently, some grudge will show up sending me down a rabbit hole of emotions, resistance and regret. There were dozens of rocks to choose from and the fact that I chose this one let me know there was some truth and work to be done here. As I’m asking my guides for clarification, they send me to one of the places they always send me when I have questions – the dictionary. I look up “forgiveness” and read through the standard fare. I skip down to the next paragraph & zone in on a passage that makes everything click: “cancellation of debt”. The passage refers to financial matters & considering my background it makes sense to me.

My newer understanding. Forgiveness is 3 parts: acceptance, embrace and RELEASE (cancellation of debt). So while I do the first two parts like a champ- I realize that I stop just before completing the last part (release) because I did not have a process for how (cancel the debt). For example, when a business cancels a debt (loss write off), they get at least a few benefits: (1) They get time back. They are free to deploy the resources used to collect the debt to other important matters like forward movement and creativity. (2) Peace of mind because they have come to resolution. (3) Increase in abundance due to the benefits of the tax write off (which is both tangible and intangible).

So today on my birthday- I’ve come to understand that in order to complete my cycles of forgiveness, I need to go back and cancel some debts… with the biggest debt being cancelled the one I feel like I owe to myself (self forgiveness). Apropos because this 37th birthday officially ends the personal 9 year (endings) & commences a personal 1 year (new beginnings). I’ll spend the morning cancelling debt & the rest of the day having libations- because you know- balance.

img_5902If you’re reading this and you too have struggles with forgiveness, what debts do you need to go back and cancel so that you can set yourself free? (P.S– If you received the Mystic Genius Newsletter, you received access to some journal pages to help walk you through this process.  Want to access the journal pages? Join the list & they’ll be sent to you as my free gift.)


Cyber Monday Special:  I’m still running the special until Friday 12/9/16. If you need help working through the cancellation of debts (i.e. forgiveness work), I can help.  Consider a Move Forward Now- Personal $179 or Move Forward Now- Business $359 session.  Book a session here,  message me via the Mystic Genius FaceBook Page or send an email to to ask any questions that you may have.


These are just a few things to consider as you walk along your healing journey.  If you need more insight or desire help and support along your journey, sign up for the Mystic Genius Way Newsletter and be notified of upcoming openings to schedule your own session.

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