You talk about God, Spirit, Divine, and Faith. Are you religious? What’s your religion?  Short answer-No, I am not religious. My “religion” is unconditional love and my spiritual practice is to actively love myself and others unconditionally- everyday- to the best of my abilities.  I believe in spirit, spirit communication and things seen and unseen.  If I have to call myself anything, I am a spiritualist- meaning that I recognize a higher power as a driving force in my life and in this world. I sometimes refer to this power as God, Spirit, the Divine or Universe. I do not assign this essence a sex (He, She, Shim).  God, to me is the energy, essence and spirit of unconditional love- the purest energy to exist.  I believe that God- Spirit has its army of messengers (Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides) who make our time as humans on earth a bit easier if we are willing to listen.  I function from a spiritual belief system and it guides my work:

  • Universal laws exist and karma seeks balance
  • Have trust and faith in the school called life
  • Everyone has a divine calling/purpose
  • Any and all things are possible and miracles are real
  • We are all born whole & complete, we just have to remember who we are
  • There are no broken people- only hurt people
  • Everything does happen for a purpose, but its not always clear until we are ready for it to be clear
  • Your perspective creates your physical reality
  • Help yourself first and then help others, but you always help yourself by helping other

There’s more but this is the core of it.  I strive everyday to balance and harmonize earth and ether.

I get what Mystic Genius is, but what do YOU do exactly? Besides run the site, I’m a spiritual teacher, writer, healer and coach.  I work with you to raise your awareness, shift energy and perspective and elevate your consciousness so that you can identify and remove all of the  blocks that keep you from embracing your divine power, being your “True Who” and joyously living out your divine purpose on this here earth.  As a result of working with me you will remember who you are, live your truth consistently, turn your dream life into your real life and be of better service to others….and have a good time all throughout.

My training and coaching areas of expertise are life purpose, business, financial and leadership. Regardless of the area that people want to work on, it always comes down to energy, mindset and consciousness.  This is the root and basis for my work in helping people move forward in their lives around their life’s purpose, their money, their business and their ability to lead themselves and others effectively.

What makes you do this? Many different reasons:

  • Mystic Genius is a divinely guided life mission. I’m just following directions.
  • I am a messenger of spirit it’s high time I stopped ignoring it.  This is the way that I publicly acknowledge my healing gifts of intuition and of using my voice and my words to create empowering shifts in consciousness.   I also cannot manage to stay content in a 9-5 job. It’s a challenge & my soul and my waistline pay the price.
  • It’s also time for other messengers to stop ignoring their gifts. I figure, I am just one voice of many who have been called to do this work.  If I show up and broadcast my light, others will find me and we can help each other.
  • Messengers of Spirit are not a monolith and we all don’t look or act the same way. Different people bring different perspectives and it’s time to diversity the perspective.  I also want to demonstrate to people that you can live a highly self aware life without “giving up” all of the material “good things” in life.  Harmony (and properly placed curse words) is key.
  • Energy is real and love, the unconditional kind- heals. It’s about treating people with unconditional love, and we have really moved away from that.
  • Our problems will not be solved until we learn how to use our Spiritual Mind to find loving, truthful solutions to life’s most pressing challenges.

What’s behind the name Mystic Genius?  Simple break down is “Spiritual Mind”.  It literally downloaded to my brain after a very restful meditation.  It’s about harmonizing spiritual principles with everyday living.  Navigating reality can be a pain. When you make consciousness a practice and use your Mystic Genius, navigating life is less painful.

When you say “remember who you really are”- what do you mean? What I mean is becoming aware of and fully embracing your divine magnificence…your connection with life force that is the creator of all that is.  Once you realize the power that resides in you- you begin to “remember who you really are” and many of the challenges that plague you either cease to exist or are put in their proper perspective.

What are you selling? I give and sell the fuel and tools to transform your life so that you can create, lead and play from a space of awareness, purpose, power and impact.  Fuel so that you have the energy to take effortless authentic action and tools to help you build a life that is filled with harmony and joy. Transforming the world is hard work so why not learn how to enjoy the process along the way?
The fuel and tools come in the form of:
•    Coaching
•    Training & Development
•    Virtual & live events
•    Blogs, books, video, online newsletters, etc

What do you do again?  The short version: I use techniques and tools to help people raise awareness, shift energy and perspective, and elevate their consciousness so that they can live meaningful lives and do profound things in the world.  Shorter Version- I help you get out of your own way so that you can get sh!t done.

What makes you qualified to do this?  I’ve lived, I’ve learned, I’ve invested in training and I lost everything & rebuilt myself back up-from scratch- including paying off over $30,000 worth of debt in less than 2 years. I’ve raised a ton of money for different organizations, I have launched businesses and I have counseled, advised and coached (and continue to do so), hundreds of women entrepreneurs.  This,  plus a whole lot of other stuff = #winning.   About Evelyn

Are you a therapist? No. I am a trained coach.  I use my training, talents and skills to help people get clear on where they currently are in life and where they want to be.  I do not delve or deal in the past (outside of getting the relevant bits of your story). If therapy is what you need, I am not the person for you.  I can recommend great therapists locally or resources where you can search for one online.

What is the Mystic Genius Transformation Process ®: It is a proprietary process that I have created (and used on myself) to create the necessary shifts in awareness, energy, perspective and consciousness so that someone can step into their power and move forward in life.

What types of people do you work with?  I work primarily with women of the African Diaspora who:

  • Identify as messengers and/or have a deep desire to do purpose driven work
  • Are awakening or are waking up to their path of purpose and deeper meaning in life
  • Are ready, willing and able to step into their power and do their inner work so that they can be of sacred leadership and service to themselves and others.

As a 1st generation woman (Ghanaian American), I have a special place in my heart for helping  black, brown and Native women in America and throughout the Diaspora remember and reclaim their power. I also work with organizations that are ready to do the inner work in order to achieve the outer goals.

What will be the result of me working with you?  It depends mostly on what you want and what you are willing to do to get it.  I do not make promises and guarantees, but I can say that you will:
•    Make Consciousness a Practice by learning to “Manage and Master Your Middle”
•    Learn how to use your Spiritual Mind to identify and solve your life’s most pressing issues
•    Have a more productive and empowering view of life
•    Like yourself- hell maybe even love yourself unconditionally
•    Get clear about where you are, where you want to go and take action the action necessary to get there

Will I make a lot of money, find true love and get a banging body by working with you? If this is what you want right now, I am not the coach for you. There are a ton of coaches, advisors and experts who focus on these specific areas.  However, by elevating your consciousness and healing the blocks that keep you from your desires, you will create space for all of the physical and material things that you wish for in life- and that, I can help you with.

I’m short on cash, but I need what you have to offer. How can I work with you?  You have options! You can sign up for a free Self Awareness Session. You can also read the blog and make sure you sign up for the Mystic Genius newsletter which includes a lot of tips, tricks and announcements for free calls, downloads and events.  I also have contests in which I give away free breakthrough sessions and energy leadership assessments.

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